Arkansas Chiropractic Society
Statement of Purposes
1)  To encourage, foster, and advance the scientific development of
chiropractic in Arkansas.

2)  To educate the public as to the premise, practice, and benefit of
chiropractic health care and to serve as an advocate for the right of patients
to utilize physicians of their choice.

3)  To conduct or provide for, at reasonable cost, advanced professional
educational opportunities for chiropractic physicians within the state of
Arkansas, through seminars, educational meetings, or other continuing
educational programs.

4)  To provide a professional society incorporating comprehensive concepts
of the role of chiropractic physicians in health care.

5)  Defend and protect the comprehensive scope of chiropractic practice.

6)  Promote professional comradeship and encourage participation by doctors
of chiropractic in professional chiropractic organizations.
Adopted August 16, 1997
Preamble To The Constitution & By-Laws
Of The Arkansas Chiropractic Society
ACS Statement Of Purposes & Preamble
We, the members of the Arkansas Chiropractic Society, in order to structure a
professional organization providing maximum involvement of it’s members,
true representative government, and also provide a stabilizing balance of
authority for the profession’s welfare, do hereby adopt and ratify this
Constitution and By Laws upon the following premises:

It is hereby affirmed that the objectives are that this Society shall be
representative of all Doctors of Chiropractic, that it shall be dedicated to
preserving the historic philosophy of Chiropractic but equally dedicated to
protecting the rights of those members of the profession holding a broad
practice concept, and with the recognition that our supreme obligation as
chiropractic physicians is to do our very best for our patients.

Understanding the unique character of our colleagues, we know that these
goals can only be accomplished by men and women of good will, and
therefore, it is our intention that ACS shall be a vehicle for a meeting of minds,
increased respect for other concepts and practice parameters, and access to
uplifting scientific professional and public education. It is further our intention
that ACS will serve as an avenue of greater dedication by Doctors of
Chiropractic in service to our patients.

This document represents a departure from conventional Constitutions and By
Laws in that it has been deliberately designed to provide a unique balance of
authority between the executive, representational, and judicial or oversight
branches of government, somewhat akin to our National Constitution.

In order to accomplish these goals, the membership will not only have
supreme authority to vote on issues but will also have locally elected
colleagues to represent them in the legislative body, the Council of Delegates.
So that the executive division can be efficiently structured, the officers, who
are elected directly by the membership through secret ballot, will serve two (2)
year terms and will be elected during non-legislative years in order to provide
sufficient time to plan for a strong legislative presence. A semi-autonomous
Board of Directors, composed of Senior or retired doctors or highly qualified
lay people having no personal agendas, will provide a stabilizing and
protective influence for the Society by having the responsibility to oversee the
Executive officers and to rule upon disputed questions.

In adopting this Constitution and by Laws, it is hoped that this document has
been constructed in such a way that it will serve the chiropractic profession in
Arkansas well into the twenty-first century.

Approved by the Board of Directors, Arkansas Chiropractic Society,
August 16, 1997.
Articles of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation:
Non-Profit Organization