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We are able to supply you with most needs of a medical
facility! We can give you competitive pricing for anything from
digital x-ray equipment and therapy tables to cold packs and
paper products.  For a product listing, download our catalog
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Our Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers have helped alleviate pain for
millions of people. How? We believe the feet are the foundation
of the body. Correcting imbalances in the feet can correct
imbalances throughout the body.
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Good Posture Using The PostureMedic™

Bad posture is the direct result of today’s
current society. The more time that you spend
watching television, working at a desk, on the
computer, or driving, the worse your posture
becomes. As a result of these positions
muscle imbalances are created. The muscles
in the front of your shoulders and chest
become extremely tight from the constant
flexion and the muscles of your upper back
become extremely weak.

The PostureMedic™ has been designed
specifically for the purpose of off-setting these
imbalances by helping you to stretch the
muscles of your chest and strengthen the
muscles of your upper back, resulting in
helping you create good posture!
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