If you are trying to decide which chiropractic organization to join in Arkansas,
we hope the following list of ACS’s goals and position (statements) will help
you decide if we are right for you! If you agree with the majority of our
positions, please join us! Together we can build a better profession. It is our
belief that as physicians, each doctor of chiropractic should be able to
practice according to his training and philosophy.

  • D.C’s are required to diagnose illness, which is the basis for our
    designation as physicians and as portal of entry doctors. ACS fully
    endorses the doctor of chiropractic’s right and obligation to diagnose
    and treat the whole person.

  • We endorse acupuncture.

  • We define manipulation and adjustment in accurate and scientific

  • We believe, as the law states, that only physicians may practice

  • We believe that physical therapists should not perform manipulation
    under any circumstances even if they were to match the doctor of
    chiropractic’s college hours of instruction.

  • We recognize board certification in orthopedics, neurology, nutrition,
    sports injuries, radiology, rehabilitation, family practice, internist,
    pediatrics, occupational health, thermography, etc.

  • We recognize that the general public needing care is often concurrently
    using over the counter medicines.   As physicians, we should be allowed
    to discuss with the patients who are under our care, the use and
    contraindications of over the counter medicines.

  • As physicians, we should be allowed to discuss possible prescription
    medicine interactions, side effects, and toxicity with those patients who
    seek our treatment and ask for our advice.

  • We endorse the use of emerging technology, and techniques that have
    been tested for safety and efficacy.

  • ACS embraces emerging manipulative techniques including MUA for
    those who have been properly trained and wish to pursue this technique.

  • ACS embraces hospital privileges for those chiropractic physicians who
    desire this forum.

  • We pledge to defend our right to practice chiropractic as taught in our

  • We will defend our right to use physical therapy modalities and to
    practice physiological therapeutics (physiotherapy), as they have been a
    part of the Chiropractic Practice Act in Arkansas since 1915!

  • We will defend our right to engage in nutritional counseling, perform and
    interpret lab work when warranted, and any other procedures which
    have been or will constitute chiropractic procedure. Our profession is
    ever evolving with new technology and innovative techniques.

  • Together, we can ensure that the majority of Arkansas Chiropractors will
    have the right to practice as they were taught in college and in post
    graduate certification classes.

  • We believe that any new practice law or any legislation that affects all
    doctors, should be supported by a majority of licensed doctors.

We value your membership. Please contact ACS executive secretary,
Paulette Kaelin, at 479-806-1138 for further information.
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